BabyDance Fertility Lubricant – Sperm-Friendly And Safe Lube For Couples

BabyDance Fertility Lubricant – Sperm-Friendly & Safe Lube for Couples Trying to Get Pregnant

Assist Your Sperm in Meeting Your Egg… Safely!

Making love is less romantic and spontaneous for couples who are trying to conceive, and more of a chore to be completed. The use of lubricant can help to make the experience more pleasurable. When trying to conceive, it is critical to understand that not all lubricants are created equal, and you must be selective when choosing a lubricant to use when baby dancing.

Most common lubricants have a low pH and extremely high salt concentrations, which are harmful to sperm. It goes without saying that using one of these common lubricants while trying to conceive is counterproductive – you don’t want your lubricant to make it more difficult for you to conceive! Fertility lubricants are subjected to specialized testing to ensure that they will not harm sperm or eggs.

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BabyDance has a pH of 7 and mimics the consistency of your cervical secretions, which aid in the movement of sperm through your cervix to meet the egg for conception. BabyDance not only mimics your own bodily fluids, but it also contains no ingredients that can harm eggs or sperm. Being FDA approved for fertility (PEB category) ensures that a lubricant, such as BabyDance, is safe to use while trying to conceive.

Is there any artificial fragrance in BabyDance?

BabyDance contains no added fragrance, but you may notice that the lubricant has a light floral scent. Unlike other fertility lubricants that contain harsh parabens as preservatives, BabyDance contains a bio-identical compound found in roses as a natural preservative, giving BabyDance a light rose scent.

FIRST MANUFACTURED WITHOUT PARABENS FERTILITY LUBRICANT: BabyDance fertility lubricant is free of parabens, glycerol, and silicone. This is beneficial because endocrine disruptors can have an impact on reproductive health and pregnancy well-being.
FERTILITY-FRIENDLY: The BabyDance fertility lube aids in the creation of an alkaline environment conducive to conception. This lubricant has the same pH, salt level, and consistency as cervical mucus. Each batch is tested to ensure that it is safe to use with sperm and eggs.

EASY TO USE: The sperm-friendly lubricant comes in a flip-top cap that is easy to open and close. Keep this women’s lube on your nightstand for when the mood strikes! Each box contains six single-use tubes containing 3 grams of lubricant as well as six applicators. The tubes are small and compact, making them ideal for packing in your overnight bag.
WATER BASED LUBE: BabyDance isotonic, water-based, and non-irritating fertility lubricant for women. It was created specifically to improve the comfort and intimacy of infertile couples. It also contains a humectant derived from raspberries and a preservative derived from roses for replenished moisture and a light, fresh scent.

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BabyDance fertility Lubricant, Nigeria
BabyDance fertility Lubricant
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