The Amazing Infertility Success Stories

We can encourage people going through infertility by sharing infertility success stories with them. Infertility can be hard and I’m sure your success story will encourage so many people!

Thanks for sharing your story.

Not getting pregnant when you expect to can be a very isolating experience, especially if the people around you are unaware of your struggle. It’s helpful when people who have been there can talk about their struggles so that others know they’re not alone.

Infertility success stories of those who have gone through it

Thanks for sharing Sis. I got married in 2018, we started trying immediately with no pregnant result, we decided to go for a scan and discovered that I had PCOS, it was d worst feeling ever, I cried like a baby and so did my husband because we really weren’t expecting that. We started treatment immediately for over 2 years and we just discovered we were pregnant yesterday. We’re so happy and blessed to be pregnant. My EDD is June 22nd. Can’t wait

Blessed (Youtube)

This is probably the most honest and vulnerable video I’ve ever posted, but it’s something I’ve been meaning to share for a long time. We struggled with infertility for a long time, but we are grateful that our pregnancy journey ended with a miracle. Every pregnancy journey is unique, and this is ours. Please know that you are not alone if you are experiencing infertility.

Lindsay (Youtube)

My husband and I stopped eating junk food, cut meat, fish, eggs, and milk, essentially becoming vegans, and we tried for several months, but the moment we cut alcohol… I found out I was pregnant. Two weeks after, i became pregnant.  I’m currently 7 weeks pregnant. Everything, guys, is food… We began eating only whole foods and no processed foods. Good luck to everyone who is trying; there is still hope; simply try a healthy vegan diet and avoid alcohol and cigarettes if you smoke.

Justyna D (Youtube)

Be Encourage too

You are fortunate that it worked for you and that you were able to conceive. There are so many women out there who continue to try year after year. You can send us your infertility success stories too.

Thank you for sharing your experience.

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