Fertility Test For Male and female

Fertility Test For Male and female

Fertility tests are an important part of fertility assessment and treatment. A variety of tests can be performed to determine your and your partner’s fertility. One thing to keep in mind is that the process must involve both of you in order for you to agree to work together.

A possible area of fertility test will be recommended by your fertility doctor. These tests, which are normally performed in a hospital or at a reproductive clinic, can be referred by your doctor.

Female fertility test

  1. STD testing for infections
  2. Test for hormonal imbalance
  3. check that the fallopian tubes are open and not blocked

Male fertility test

  1. Sperm test
  2. STD testing for infections
  3. Ultrasound, to evaluate the seminal vesicles and scrotum

There is some other home fertility test kit available that can be used within the house. Further, tests can be done at the fertility clinic

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