Fertile Window: Your Chances of Getting Pregnant During Ovulation

The fertile window is the five days preceding and following the day an egg is released from the ovary (ovulation). Having sexual relations during this time period increases your chances of getting pregnant and represent when is the most fertile time to get pregnant. Knowing when ovulation happens is critical when you want to get pregnant because the window of opportunity to conceive is fairly small every month. Researchers discovered that the odds of falling pregnant on each day of the fertile window were between 10 and 33 per cent, depending on the day, according to Medical News Today’s newsletter (2020).

Fertile days to get pregnant

Five (5) days before ovulation10%
Four (4) days before ovulation16%
Three (3) days before ovulation14%
Two (2) days before ovulation27%
One (1) day before ovulation31%
Ovulation day33%

According to the same study’s authors, there’s a 12% probability of conceiving on either day 7 before ovulation or the day following ovulation.

When are you most fertile?

The fertile window in a woman’s cycle, which reflects the sperm’s longevity usually five days long and the egg’s lifespan also goes for 3 days which is the most fertile days of a woman. If you have intercourse in the three days preceding up to and including ovulation, your chances of getting pregnant skyrocket. If a woman has intercourse six days or more before ovulating, her chances of becoming pregnant are practically nil. Then, in the three days coming up to and including ovulation, the likelihood of pregnancy rises progressively to 27-33 per cent. The likelihood of pregnancy rapidly decreases after that period.

How many hours does ovulation take?

A woman’s ability to become pregnant with that cycle ends 12 to 24 hours following ovulation. It’s crucial to understand your menstrual cycle and how ovulation works if you want to start a family. Once a month, ovulation happens and lasts roughly 24 hours. If the egg is not fertilized within 12 to 24 hours, it will die. You can start tracking your fertile days with this information and boost your chances of conceiving.

How to maximise your Fertile Window

According to Dr Mary Ellen Pavone, the most crucial piece of advice for a woman who wants to get pregnant is to get to know her body, particularly her menstrual cycle works.  It’s reassuring to know that you have some influence over certain aspects of your fertility. Understanding your reproductive window and adopting a healthy lifestyle might increase your chances of becoming pregnant.

The following factors can be considered for the maximization of your fertile window

  1. Keep an eye on your basal body temperature to see if you’re ovulating.
  2. Monitor your cervical secretions to determine your fertile window.
  3. Maintaining a healthy weight and avoiding being underweight or overweight will help to keep your reproductive cycle in check.
  4. Engage healthy lifestyle free from alcohol or smoking
  5. Keep regular record of your ovulation cycle

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