What is the best way to treat infertility?

Best way to treat infertility

Today, I will discuss infertility and some best way to treat infertility for males and females having challenges in the area of conception

What is Infertility

Infertility is a condition of the male or female reproductive system described by the inability to conceive after a period of 12 months or more of unprotected sexual activity. Primary infertility and secondary infertility are two different types of infertility. Primary infertility occurs when a person has never had a pregnancy, while secondary infertility occurs when a person has had at least one past pregnancy. (World Health Organization, 2020)

Solutions For Infertility

Infertility in both males and females can be treated with assisted reproductive technology (both in vivo and in vitro fertilization) (IVF)Fertility Supplements and drug

Surgery in some situation

This solution is applied to infertility in males and infertility in females

How To Reduce Infertility

Keep a healthy weight. Women who are overweight or underweight are at a higher risk of ovulation disorders.

Quit smoking – Tobacco has a number of negative effects on fertility, as well as your overall health and the health of your fetus.

Heavy alcohol use may lead to decreased fertility.

Manage your stress properly.

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